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Stewart McKie

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Ideablogs are a new online collaboration tool designed for social idea development. The purpose of this short article is to encourage you to think about using an ideablog to support innovation in your business. I’ll be explaining what an ideablog is and how you can use one to help ensure you have a constant flow of new ideas to think about. What is an Ideablog? An ideablog is a social networking application used to stimulate, capture, promote and enrich ideas online via a blog-style user interface. Ideablogs support online communities of interest that are focused on stimulating and capturing ideas. They use social networking concepts to support the sharing, promotion and development of ideas. Ideablogs offer more specialized functionality than an ordinary blog but less than a more expensive and complex idea management application.   If you spend anytime on the Int... (more)

Technology Face-Off: Augmented Reality vs Mobile Image

There are 3 new technologies competing for attention on today’s mobile phones: Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Image Recognition (MIR) and Mobile Tagging (MT). This briefing aims to provide a short introduction to all three, position them against each other and illustrate how all they can co-exist together. Augmented Reality (AR) AR uses the current view (front end) of the real world visible through your phone camera to display online content (back end) linked to specific objects located within the view. AR does this by using GPS co-ordinates to figure out a ‘start position’ of w... (more)

Write Screenplays That Sell

Page # Quotation 28 A screenplay is not a shooting script. A Screenplay is an instrument for telling a story. A Shooting Script is a blueprint for the production of a motion picture. 43 Golden Rule of Character: Who we are is revealed in what we do. 66 (Definition of story) Footprints in the sand left by a character in quest of his or her heart’s desire against impossible odds. 75 As conflict is argument between characters, plot is argument between events. 90 It is far more interesting when a character needs to HAVE information than when a character needs to GIVE... (more)

Augmented Reality & Geotags

GPS co-ordinates, camera angle and range are among the key data points needed for Augmented reality (AR) to work (apart from the ability to 'layer on' content and context in the mobile display - no minor feat either). But it is worth remembering that it is possible just to tag an object so that with a snap you can find out more about it even if you have a 'legacy' phone with no GPS or location-based services built-in. The Geotag simply resolves to a data record that includes the GPS co-ordinates of the physical tag snapped so that these can in turn be used to link to content (e.... (more)

Coffee Table Tags

SEO Journal Embedding tags in books is probably the most obvious way to connect print content with online content so it's surprising more book publishers are not following Rough Guide's lead. Their new coffee table book, Earthbound: a Rough Guide to the World in Pictures is tag-enabled. Each image in the book is linked to a QR Code that resolves to a Google map of the location for more context-specific Stewart McKienoreply@blogger.com ... (more)